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"Our restaurant is placed in street “Jul Varibova”, No. 14, next to Tirana Luna Park. Our restaurant is divided in five different ambiences; two of them are used as coffee places and three restaurant places. You can enjoy your coffee in our garden with fresh air or can have a whisky with your friends at the luxury comfortable inside bar. You can also enjoy a glass of chardonnay while the woods burn on our fireplace on the winter cold nights. Our restaurant offers an extra fragile service as it shows its own name. Gourmet is a part of Haute Coussine and it offers a very high quality cook service. As a start you can chose the place you like to have your dinner, than make a walk to look at our open kitchen, the way our master cook and than the art in your plate…the delicate fragrance and…BON APPETITE. To make reservations please contact: "
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Special Menu

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Gourmet Restaurant Albania, Tirane
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